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Three glaziers with over 65 years of combined experience  to get the job right!

Replacement Units:  Whether fogged, broken, or a desire to increase the energy efficiency and overall comfort of your home, we can replace the insulated glass unit (IGU).  With this option you keep the existing frame and remove the IGU quickly and with little or no mess. 

Stock Glass
:  We stock 1/16'', 1/8'', 3/16'', and 1/4'' clear glass.  We also have Laminated Safety Glass  for emergency door/window repairs where code requires.  Our glass can be cut to any specified length and width.  We have a large selection of glass in stock so we can repair broken single pane windows quickly and often that same day.  If you need table top's, picture frame glass, cabinet glass, shelves, shadow box's, greenhouse glass we can cut it for you.

All our special orders are fabricated in Seattle and offer a wide variety of options
                                                               •  Polished and Beveled edges                •  Tempered Glass
                                                               •  Glass thicker then 1/4''                         •  Obscure and textured glass
                                                               •  Custom designs made to pattern          •   Holes and notches cut to specification
                                                               •  You can view one of our fabricators     
                                                                   at this web page to see more options
                                                               •  You can view samples of obscure glass 
                                                                    here or by visiting us at our shop

Going Green:   One of the greatest sources for energy loss can often be found in your windows.  An easy solution is to replace the insulated units with new ones that contain top of the line Low-E glass.  Aluminum windows can benefit from the improved Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-Factor Values and even Vinyl Windows with clear glass can be greatly improved by replacing the insulated unit. 
Another benefit from the new Low-E glass is the reduced fading transmission and UV values.  This will keep your furniture and floors inside your house from fading as fast. 

 Product  Solar Heat Gain
 Winter U-Factor
Fading Transmission/UV 
 Single Pane
.86  1.04  .84/.71 
 .76  .48  .74/.56
 Ordinary Low-e  .72  .35/.31  .63/.44
 Low-E 270  .37  .30/.25  .53/.14
Low-E 366 
 .27  .29/.24  .43/.05
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Solar Heat Gain Co:  How fast heat enters the house through the window.  On a hot day this will help keep the home cooler.
Winter U-Factor:  This describes how well the unit keeps heat inside your house on a cold day.  The lower the number the better.
Fading Transmission:  The portion of energy transmitted in a spectral region from 300 to 700 nanometers.  This region includes all of the ultraviolet energy and most of the visible spectrum, and will give the best representation of relative fading rates.  The lower the number the better.
(see for more information on the Energy Star window program.)

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